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The 7 benefits of your own online business

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Benefit 1: It's a 100% online business

Welcome to the 21st century. Run your online business from whereever you are located. And get customers across the globe.

Benefit 2: You don't work for a boss

Why working hard for a boss giving you just a tiny salary? Get the freedom you deserve without anybody telling you what you have to do.

Benefit 3: No more office and 9-to-5 work days

Stop driving 20 kilometers just to work inside a dusty office box. Work anywhere anytime you like - from home, Starbucks, or the Caribbean.

Benefit 4: You can travel the world - and still make money

Imagine that you can travel to countries like the Caribbean, Bali or Brazil. And you can still run your online business without loosing your income.

Benefit 5: You can work whenever you want

Want to take Monday as a day to have a trip with your family? Now it's in your own hands. Even you're days on vacation you can control your business online.

Benefit 6: You generate a stable and growing income

As a digital nomad you're goal is not the quick sales. It's about creating and building a stable online startup paying your monthly bills and expenses.

Benefit 7: You become your own expert and consultant

No need to hire expensive consultancy, marketing or software developers. Learn all you need and do outsourcing in rare cases only.

Welcome to the 21st century.

In a world of internet and remote teams. Nobody cares from where you're making your money.

Some words about me...

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I'm certified business coach and online marketing professional working as digital nomad for Fortune 500 companies. And I'm a travel buff who loves to meet new cultures - and to run my online business from the best places at this planet.

Meeting people from other cultures will teach you that the way you’ve been looking at the world isn’t the way everybody else does. In fact, your point-of-view might have some major blind spots. Seeing the world for yourself will improve your vision and your grip on reality.

Zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, successfully navigating the maze-like streets of Venice, bartering for the best price in the traditional markets of Marrakech, taking a speedboat ride in New Zealand, or hopping in a Land Rover and heading out to watch animals grazing in Tanzania: these are adventures worth having. People are hardwired for the excitement of adventure and travel may just be the best way to tap into it.

Digital Nomad Movement

My recent work places

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Prima Life Makadi Resort. A bigger resort with wonderful beach. WIFI was quite good and I could work all over the day.

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Papillon Lagoon Reef. Wonderful country with amazing friendly people. WIFI was a mess, had to work in the morning or very late evening.

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Sri Lanka

Club Hotel Dolphin. An amazing stay with partly stable WIFI. Best work time was early in the morning and the evening.

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— Sammy Ajanlekoko

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